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Classes at Rossendale Leisure Trust

Group Exercise

Our Class Programme

Group exercise classes are the perfect way to introduce variety into your workout, while still helping you achieve those all-important fitness goals.

No matter what you’re aiming for, we have a host of classes to choose from, including Les Mills Classes, Circuit Training, Pilates, Yoga, Indoor Cycling, and Insanity!

You have the freedom to choose which classes you attend depending on your fitness goals!



1. PROGRESS - Whether it’s a spin class or yoga, over time you’ll see your body adjust and be able to reach that little bit further - something to really be proud of.

2. MOTIVATION - Try something new: Pilates, Zumba, spinning... Our instructors are trained to keep you motivated throughout your workout. With high-tempo music and their encouragement, you’ll find the energy to keep pushing yourself to achieve your goals.

3. MIX IT UP - Whether you’re looking to burn fat, build your muscles or improve your flexibility, there’s something for everyone in our fitness classes, and with the support and encouragement from our instructors, you have the freedom to mix things up!

4. Have fun! - Working out in a group naturally creates an motivating atmosphere, allowing you to let go and fun as you get fit. Make friends, try something new, and have fun!

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