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Easy Protein Smoothie Recipe

Easy Protein Smoothie Recipe

Energise your morning with this simple smoothie recipe.


It's too easy to skip breakfast, but as the saying goes... breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So if you're prone to forgetting breakfast, one way to make sure you're starting your day right is by a blitzing up a quick, super-tasty, super-charged smoothie! 

Here's a recipe for a Green-Banana Protein Smoothie (fear not, it tastes delicious!):


1 large banana, peeled (frozen if you like!)

3 tablespoons of plain, low-fat Greek yoghurt

A splash of milk alternative (e.g. coconut/soy/almond milk)

1 handful baby spinach

¼ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)

1 tablespoon peanut/almond butter

Blend & enjoy!


It takes minutes, and is a great way to use up slightly brown bananas.  Frozen fruit can also be cheaper than fresh!  Smoothies should not be used as a meal replacement, but they are fantastic for getting important minerals and vitamins in one quick drink.

They are also perfect for protein intake.  This smoothie alone contains around 17g of protein, but if you want more, you could add some protein powder, more Greek yoghurt, and/or nut butter.  Try adding granola for extra crunch or pour on top of plain yoghurt. 


Full recipe:


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